This site is step 1 in an attempt to provide an up to date listing of Welsh meetup groups.

Site developed by James Mahoney, Welsh software developer that needs to speak more Welsh.

Data comes from this Google spreadsheet here.

All this information is maintained by hand based on groups known about in real life, or referenced on various Welsh learner’s forums or Welsh for adults websites.

As the site becomes a little more mature the plan is to find some volunteers to curate the list of meetups, and open it up to cover a wider area.

Help us out

A site like this needs to be up to date, and it needs to be correct.

Spotted an error? Have an extra meetup to add? Know about a meetup that’s skipping a week?

Please get in touch

Techie details

This site is a single page app using jQuery and Bootstrap, hosted using GitHub Pages. Data comes from JSON documents hosted in Azure BLOBs, generated from a Google Spreadsheet.

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Change log

19th October 2016 - fixed a bug on the more info popup - old meetups were displaying instead of the next meetup

22nd October 2016 - added support for “monthly” meetings that don’t repeat on a specific day and week of the month

1st November 2016 - moved one off events to their own tab

23rd March 2017 - Added support for Cardiff events

10th May 2017 - Fixed the one off meetups to appear in ascending date order

26th Feb 2018 - Fixed the meetup data - it mysteriously stopped working, due to Microsoft’s strange business practice of requiring payment for cloud hosting. Weirdos…